MassiveBox c7ffffc164 Fix alt URL + auto-update age
- It seems that Codeberg Pages doesn't support Submodules, so for now the alternative website is on Netlify
- I forgot to update my age on my birthday this year, so I figured I might as well automate it
2022-09-17 18:46:43 +02:00

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MassiveBox's Homepage

A simple HTML, CSS and JQuery static homepage built with Bulma.

Don't forget to clone the repo with --recurse-submodules to get all dependancies:

  • Bulma for the base CSS of the website
  • ForkAwesome for awesome FOSS icons
  • jQuery because plain JS is boring
  • RSS Parser because Pleroma's feed is in RSS format

You can check out a live version at or (without the Pleroma feed since the path is relative, so it tries to fetch, which doesn't exist).